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Enjoy the Effects of CBD More Easily

Take advantage of CBD patches in Tuscaloosa, AL

Maybe you're ready to give CBD a try, but you don't want to bother with drops and tinctures. You can stop worrying about finding a flavor you like when you use CBD patches instead.

Nuvel Pharmaceuticals Inc. provides topical patches in Tuscaloosa, AL that can be placed directly on the skin. They'll give your body a steady flow of CBD, so they're an effective option to use while sleeping or at the start of a busy day. CBD patches also deliver CBD directly to your bloodstream, giving them better efficacy than other products.

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CBD oil Tuscaloosa, AL

Do you suffer from chronic joint pain? Are you dealing with a recent injury? Nuvel Pharmaceuticals offers topical salves you may find helpful. Our fortified CBD salve includes several pain-fighting ingredients like lidocaine and menthol. You can use this salve for...

  • Chronic joint pain from your back to your joints
  • Inflammation from injuries or arthritis
  • Acute pain from muscle tears and sprains

Our clients report that after applying the CBD salve to the problem area they notice the effects in minutes. Call us at 205-243-1403 to place an order.