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Adding CBD to your daily routine doesn't have to mean settling for an unpleasant oil that's hard to swallow. Nuvel Pharmaceuticals Inc. provides a variety of CBD tinctures in Tuscaloosa, AL with flavors like mint, cinnamon and lemon. We use oil-based formulas with natural flavors to give you a safe and enjoyable experience with every drop.

Our CBD drops come in five distinct formulas, from full spectrum hemp extract to broad-spectrum CBD distillate. We can help you find CBD tinctures that will let you enjoy CBD your way.

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Since CBD drops come in small, portable bottles, they're easy to transport and use anywhere you want. Our formulas are all THC-free, so they won't give you the psychoactive effects of marijuana. You can use them...

  • After a long day at work
  • Before an important business meeting
  • While out and about in public spaces

CBD tinctures will help you enjoy CBD when and where you want it. Stock up on your favorite flavor by calling us today.