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Apply CBD patches directly to your skin for long-lasting effects.

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Enjoy portable CBD drops that come in a variety of natural flavors.


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CBD, or cannabidiol, is a natural substance found in hemp plants. Once it's extracted into an oil, it can be easily mixed with all kinds of products. Nuvel Pharmaceuticals Inc. uses this process to create a variety of CBD products for your convenience. We'll help you find CBD tinctures, oils, patches, salves, edibles, gels and colognes so you can use CBD however you want. Place it on your skin for consistent, long-lasting delivery or enjoy naturally-flavored drops on the go. We serve customers in and around Tuscaloosa, AL and will help you find the products you want.

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3 reasons to choose our CBD products

There are many options when it comes to relieving everyday aches and pains. Consider our line of CBD products because...

  1. Our CBD oil is THC-free, so it doesn't have the psychoactive qualities of marijuana
  2. Our products are portable and easy to use, so you can enjoy CBD whenever you want it
  3. We use natural flavors and proven ingredients to give you a pleasant experience

We've been helping customers in the Tuscaloosa, Alabama area find high-quality CBD products for years. Contact us at 205-243-1403 to stock up on your favorites.

Why use CBD?

Many people take advantage of CBD products every day. It's easy to use and many people choose to combine it with other treatments. For instance, some of our clients use our salves that combine CBD oil with products like menthol and lidocaine with the goal of relieving pain and irritation. Or, you can add CBD drops to your daily routine to help promote overall wellness.

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